Dartmouth Dog Advisory Work Group (DDAWG) is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization established in 2009 for the purpose of building and maintaining an accessible off-leash dog park in the Town of Dartmouth, Massachusetts.

The Dog Park will be situated on 12 acres of land in the Dartmouth Regional Park and Trails off of Old Fall River Road. The initial chain link enclosed area, will connect to the existing handicapped accessible picnic area on Harry Reynolds Drive by a bituminous concrete pathway. The 5′ high enclosed area will have a pea stone surface, have trash and canine waste receptacles, and water available for the dogs. It will have double gated entrances with natural agility elements for the dogs to use. Future expansion plans include off leash hiking trails. The park will be open to not only Dartmouth residents but residents of surrounding communities as well.  An annual membership will include a registration process for all participating dogs and an orientation for all dog owners.

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Contact us at:    DDAWG,  P.O. Box 70537, Dartmouth, Ma. 02747

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I REALLY WANT TO BELIEVE THAT THOSE OF US WHO USE THE DOG PARK TRULY CARE ABOUT OUR DOGS GOOD HEALTH AND OUR OWN WELL-BEING! I am VERY APPALLED at the condition the dog park was left in today as DDAWG Board members welcomed some new dog park goers and their small dogs for small dog playtime.
We cleaned up SEVEN (7) POOP piles, THREE (3) pancaked DIARRHEA piles, and ONE (1) VOMIT pile!!! THIS IS TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE, UNSANITARY, AND DANGEROUS TO BOTH HUMANS AND ALL OUR DOGS!! PLEASE read some of the extracted information in the photos below from a flyer the MASSACHUSETTS ENVIRONMENTAL TRUST sponsored. We do NOT need a contagious outbreak that affects our dogs. THE RULES ARE THERE TO BE FOLLOWED! PLEASE remember it is a privilege to have this temporary dog park to use in a facility that doesn't ordinarily allow dogs. OUR community has waited a long time for this park. The town has made DDAWG responsible for monitoring and enforcing the rules. For those of you who DO pick up after your dog, THANK YOU for doing so! Please help us by reminding others to do the same, especially if they are distracted and do not see their dog relieve themselves.
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